when you are doing a group activity in class and your teacher puts the smart kid in your group


When you are doing a group activity in class and you’re the smart kid.


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West Texas Drive-by Landscape #3 by Mantis of Destiny on Flickr.
A moment of silence for…


Every black man that is “ok with white people using the n-word”

That Asian girl who applauds Katy Perry dressing up like a Geisha

Those native American folks who are fine with the “Redskins” mascot

The Chicano/Latino boy who wants to “deport all the illegals”

A moment of silence for our fallen soldiers. They are lost to the cause.

A moment of silence for:

- The person who grew up in the ghetto, saying ‘nigga’ because it was de-stigmatized: no different than saying ‘homie’ or ‘cuzz’. But suddenly they have to watch who they say that word to. God forbid you look white and say it. Because then it’d be racist for you to say it. How does that even make sense? If it’s racist for one group to use it, it’s racist for your group as well. So either de-stigmatize it, or flat-out blacklist it, but don’t have a double standard, because that shit’s really confusing. And on top of that, you can tell when someone uses that word because they’ve always casually used it. Don’t jump down their throat to instill your beliefs in someone who honestly meant no harm.

- The Asian girl who applauded Katy Perry for wearing a Geisha costume, and then gets hounded for applauding it. Because, you know, we can’t dress up as people from historic times and cultures or anything. Because if they’re not American, dressing up as someone of their culture is racist. So, no more Viking costumes (Scandinavian/Norse history), no more toga parties (Greece & Romans) , no more king or queen costumes, knights (Europeans)..

- The Native Americans who are fine with the Redskins mascot. Because, as with the Geisha costume, dressing up as part of a culture is wrong, yeah? Should we protest the Cowboys too? Oh, and the Buccaneers, because piracy had its own culture too. It’s just a mascot/team name, people..

- The Chicano/Latinos who want to deport all the illegals. Because we’re not entitled to be MAD AS SHIT that someone can sneak through, when we had to fill out SO MUCH FUCKING PAPERWORK and file all kinds of forms with the slow-ass U.S. government, paying filing fees, JUST TO BE HERE LEGALLY. No hate on the hard-working ones. A lot of us will agree that you should be able to earn your stay. But if you’re lazy-ing it up on welfare.. You understand why we’re a teeny bit angry and have no qualms about expressing our will to deport illegal immigrants.

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